Concept Design Theme- HIGH LIFE

Season-2O19 summer


Equations between the least and the most. A summer with the most straightforward expressions. A touch to the privileged status of being qualified.

The BLACK CLIMBER B.C brand describes its own attitude the best by using minimum color with its own color expression. It creates the season’s theme with forms, fabrics and materials, details and accessories, style and combinations of the new concept.

BLACK CLIMBER B.C, adding variations to its own BLACK identity, emphasizing monochrome approach with surprising outputs and innovative expressions, creates a harsh color factor to its BLACKJNS, BLACKPLUS black gray anthracite ecru monochrome values with saxe blue and fuchsia pink of summer of 2019. Presents new equations. Metallic and sateen surfaces. Mirror effect materials and surfaces in the perfectionist approach of all designs. The time of reflections. This summer, BLACK CLIMBER B.C is surprising with striking color use. Not too colorful. BLACK creating transformation with a few colors.

Light sateen jackets are the designs of the summer that describe *HIGH LIFE at its best. The special touch of this period is black sateen in the BLACK collections. Jacket groups include black sateen fit jackets and designs combined with knitted textures and metal zippers, simplicity being the key. Away from exhaustive details, a design focused on the flow and the aesthetics of the material.

White Jeans – a contrast of the summer season. The rigid separation is balanced by a special printed gray mélange t-shirt. BLACK OUT is one of the season’s definitions. An aesthetic of a sense about darkening, a search for balance.

The sole of the shoes made of leather with crocodile print effect are white, the shoe color is black. Black, white and gray. With an aesthetic of BLACK OUT. Dozens of blacks in different forms and details, with saxe blue and petrol green variations of it, and in the middle – a single ecru, a single fuchsia sateen jacket – one of the most ambitious designs of the season. Fit and slim jackets, with silver metal zipper details are something special.

These sateen jackets are completed with matte black jeans, slim pants, slim cargo pants, tapered, carrot form pants with alternative designs. BLACKJNS, with slip cut simple forms and very special finishing washed-out design create strong alternatives.

These special design sateen jackets completed with gray jeans. Light washed-out and coloring effects on the gray jeans has a special transient balance with slight ecru and rusty touches with minimum value. Excellent harmony and excellent aesthetic combinations. Slim Cargo, Carrot Plus, Tapered, Skinny form pants are comfortable and modern. Attitude worthy of BLACK concept. Deep curved pockets with destroy and stitching details focusing on the knee area are comfortable, chic and trendy.

White leather sneakers with black details and laser cut geometrical touches present familiar comfort.

New slogans new statements. BLACK summer t-shirts with fit cut, in linen viscose mix fabric. Each season, BLACK creates a difference with special statements that capture life at its edges with SYLVIA PLATH. BLACK t-shirts create a special collection. Like a pages from a book, each one makes a reference to the next one. The visuals are very impressive. Artwork is catchy and striking. Black, gray and white jeans with destroy and stitching effects bring an amazing metamorphosis. Creative results in combinations are achieved.

This summer season of 2019, heralds the new language developing for 2020 and onwards. A special season in all senses of the word.

BLACK collections designs created their own colony. A new understanding of life style and a new attitude, without alternative, BLACK OUT psychology in the new approach to fashion. BLACK imprints its name and attitude on this unique and special summer.